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We firmly believe that everybody can have a healthy smile much easier than you’ve imagined it with our professional help. We are profoundly dedicated to our patients and we help them get and maintain better life-quality by taking good care of their oral health.

Dejan Lazarević – Dentist

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Most of our treatments are covered by a warranty and the terms of that guarantee are always presented to our customers before the treatment.

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Teeth whitening- Dr Lazarević

This is a professional aesthetic procedure that takes 30 to 45 minutes. Before the whitening itself it’s neccessery to not only thoroughly examine the teeth and gums, but sanitize caries lesions, replace old and outdated amalgam tooth fillings, remove firm and tender tooth layers and polish the teeth, determine the teeth shade using the colour-key and make a photo documentation just as well.


  • In our dental practice we use whiteners with high concentration of specialized teeth whitening gel.
  • The home-whitening set with transparent individual foil is needed for the domestic whitening.
  • Factors such as smoking, drinking coffee and coloured beverages and foods do affect the result od the whitening process.
Avital teeth – Dejan Lazarević

35% carbamide peroxide is used to whitening avital teeth.


  • In the first stage, the whitening is applied to the interior of the crown of the tooth.
  • In the second stage, a whitening gel is applied to the exterior surface of all the teeth with the help of individual application foils.